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Progress Report #6

Progress Report #6

It's shaping up to be a hot summer, and we have some exciting things to share!

We are on site in Longview this week!

This coming Thursday and Friday (June 15-16), Stephen Cameron will be in Longview meeting with people and businesses in the community and completing some work on-site at the Tournalaid homes. If you'd like to connect with him while he is there, drop him a quick email!

We have been working with the Texas Historical Foundation and others to secure grant funding for this project and we still need your help! If you haven't joined us yet, there's still time! Any donation over 100 dollars gets you a sweet Tournalaid t-shirt (in yellow or grey).

All donations are made through our registered 501(c)3 non-profit, the Machine-Built Architecture Conservancy, and are tax deductible!

Location, location

We were shocked to learn about the sudden closure of NuCor steel in Longview, especially since we had been in talks with them about utilizing a site on their property to relocate the homes.

A main focus of our time on-site in Longview will be spent finalizing relocation plans with Komatsu and other stakeholders. We look forward to sharing the outcomes with everyone in the coming weeks!

Relevant to today

The more we learn about the interesting design and history of the Tournalaid homes, the more we see them as a pre-cursor to today's technology.

The massive boom in 3D-printed concrete housing by companies like Icon3D and Diamond Age remind us of that exciting period in American history after WWII, where new and innovative housing construction methods were being tested and improved upon.

These two near-original condition Tournalaid houses in Longview, standing strong after 70+ years, are a stark reminder that so much of this "new" technology can trace its' way back to Tournalaid.